The municipal chief executive officer Honorable Divine Fenu at the ceremony to inaugurate the governing board of Aveyime Senior High School, my Alma Mater. Before I proceed, let me seize this opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the out-going governing board members to the growth and development of this great school. But for their hard work and commitment, the numerous successes chalked by the Aveyine Senior High School may not have been possible. In his speech he said, managing school systems is quite complex and requires a combination of different leadership styles and skills, in order to achieve desired results. One of the primary sources of guidance and leadership in the school system is the school governing board. In collaboration with the head of the institution, the school governing board works to ensure that the school has all the resources it needs to achieve excellence. Therefore, the school governing board is primarily responsible for providing the critical guidance and directions necessary to inject efficiency into the running of the school and ultimately produce the best possible experiences and outcomes for students. He said as he congratulate members of the new governing board, he remind them of some general expectations as the governing board: There's no doubt that we are expected to establish important policies and make sure these policies are implemented properly. Specifically however, the school governing is expected to: Promote the best interest of the school and strive to ensure its development through the provision of quality education for all students in the school. Adopt a constitution to guide the board's operations. Develop a mission statement for the school. Adopt a code of conduct for students to regulate their behavior in the school environment. I have confidence in the new board to deliver on its mandate. And to support the headmaster, teachers and other staff of the school in the performance of their professional duties. He added that often times, there has been this misunderstanding between governing boards and managers of institutions with regards to the proper appreciation of the roles each play in the management of the institution. As he highlighted above, it should be clear the specific roles that are expected of the governing board being inaugurated today. Your role is to look at the broad strategic direction for the school, while the school managers are responsible for the day to day running and administration of the school. I would therefore entreat, that the governing board and the managers of the Aveyime Senior High School, work hand-in-hand to consolidate the gains chalked by the school. Looking at the composition of the new board, and credentials of the individual members, I have no doubt in my mind that you would work to complement each other’s effort to ensure that Aveyime Senior High School becomes one of the best schools in the region and the nation as a whole. According to Honorable Divine Fenu said that education of the nation’s workforce continues to remain a priority for the Government of Nana Addo-Dankwa Akuffo-Addo This is why the government continues to invest heavily in the Free Senior High School education policy/programme. Furthermore, school infrastructure are being expanded, ICT facilities are being provided for Senior High Schools across the country to keep students abreast with the changing pace of technology. quality education for its students. He said as an Assembly, they would continue to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders in the education sector to ensure that Aveyime Senior High School receives its fair share of the national cake to enable it provide I therefore entreat the new governing board to liaise with the North Tongu District Education Oversight Committee to bring their attention to the challenges confronting the school for redress. In conclusion, he said he would like to urge the governing board inaugurated today to play its complimentary role to ensure that the school system functions effectively to provide quality education for the students of Aveyime Senior High School. Finally he congratulate them and wish them well in their new role as they work together to improve the quality of education in the North tongue district. *Ohene Kojo Alidjah* *Ctv class fm*

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