The Concerned Lotto Agent's Association of Ghana (CLAAG) has reacted to the National Lotto Authority's decision towards the renewal of their licenses. The Director General for the National Lottories has asked Private Lotto operators to pay an amount of 1.5 million Ghana Cedis to renew their licenses. According to CLAAG, the national Lotto administration is treading a serious path by putting businesses of the private Lotto Operations in danger. They stated that the actions of the new Director General is giving jobs to only the rich and sacking majority of Ghanaians who depend on this business for survival which the CLAAG sees to be unfair and inequitable. The Concern Lotto Agents' Association of Ghana further stated that the economic conditions of the country is very harsh off late and that the National Lotto Authority (NLA) is using the police to harass and intimidate them over the job they have been doing for years now. The CLAAG therefore calls on the government to intervene since majority of them paid for their license renewal last year and have not been issued a receipt which they are being asked to pay the newly increased license renewal fee. For more details of the story, call King David........0244997141

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