The Managing Director of Apotica Ghana, Mr.Felix Nkansa  has called on men to desist from assaulting   women or their partners but rather treat them with love and care. 

Speaking at a press briefing to support vulnerable girls, popularly known as Kayayei  , the head of the internet service provider  advised the public to avoid losing  temper and treat  every  female like what he described as  ‘’our mothers and sisters’’.  

Mr. Yahaya Alhassan, the country director for the Bridgewater Project expressed his concern for the growing trend of domestic violence, saying ’Ghana is currently reeling and trending on the prevalent cases of domestic violence and its imperative for all institutions to participate for this humanitarian program of protecting women and girls’’

He praised the internet giant for joining the USA embassy for the ongoing documentary campaign of ending domestic violence in Ghana, and thanked the company’s contribution for continuously providing Ghana with an efficient internet service for business to flourish.

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