International Youth Fellowship signed an MOU with Ghana Broadcasting Corporation today 16th December, 2021 at the Tang Palace hotel-Accra. The two institutions have partnered many times championing youth development through youth-led and youth-driven programmes. Realizing the value and the opportunities for bonding, commenced processes and deliberations leading to this milestone; the long awaited Memorandum of Understanding which captures content exchange between the two (2) organisations and capacity building opportunities.
Professor Amin Alhassan’s (Director General of GBC) remarks reiterated the fruitful relationship that exists between the International Youth Fellowship and the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation for the past few years and also expressed the need for using the mindset education concept to bring the needed change that is desired. He added“there is no doubt that GBC is partnering IYF today due to the content they are bringing on board”and will make Ghanaia youth lean more in life. Rev. David OH, the Foreign Affairs Minister of the International Youth Fellowship used the Secretary bird and the Eagle to make an illustration about the Mindset Education Concept. In his explanation said that the secretary bird has a wing span of two meters and the same applies to the eagle. The eagle files very high altitudes whiles the secretary bird prefers running instead flying though it can fly very well. He concluded that mindset of the secretary bird allows its predators to capture it easily but not the eagle. He used this scenario to illustrate the people who use most of their abilities and those who don’t. The MOU was finally signed by Professor Amin Alhassan (DG, GBC) witnessed by Mr Kwame Waja -Lawyer for GBC) for GBC whiles the Country Director of IYF Rev. Young Jun Moon signed for the IYF and it was witnessed by Rev. Ato Edwin; the General Secretary of IYF.
There were many other directors and deputy directors from both intuitions that graced the occasion. Due to the festive season, the Founder and Advisor in Chief of the International Youth, Rev Dr Ock Soo Park sent his heart felt Christmas Message through the birth of Jesus Christ to all who were present at the ceremony. Management of the International Youth Fellowship ceased the occasion to officially present the GRACIAS CHOIR CHRISTMAS CONCERT MOVIE to the GBC to be telecasted during the festive season for its cherished viewers. MINDSET EDUCATION CONCEPT There isn’t a line definition of Mindset Education as developed by Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park but it’s an area that captures character reformation, heart education, emotional intelligence and control. The human heart or mind are things we cannot see with our eyes. However, just like there is the flow of streams and rivers, there is also a way the heart flows. Most people want to be successful and live happy lives. However not anyone can live the life that they desire which is due to the orientation of the heart. A slogan from the life transforming concept Mindset Education, "a changed mindset leads to a changed life"... and by extension a changed society. True change comes about when it occurs within a person and it's reflected in his or her actions, attitude and life. CONTACTS INFORMATION For further information, contact [Frederick Tetteh, Communications Manager 0241992377, 0546603154,]

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