By: Oheneba Nana Gyamfi. Ghana is well noted of a set aside special day to honor famers for their special contribution to the welfare of human life. In view of such occasion, Visilica International School, at Kpobiman in the Greater Accra Region, Ga West Municipality, today marked the special occasion as part of their term carriculum activities, did include today, 2nd December, 2021 to dress to depict a farmer and also learn about how faming is considered in the country. As part of the activities of the day, learner were taking through some of the farming programs in the community such as crop farming and animals husbandry.
Speaking to the organizers of the program, Mr. Teye Emmanuel address the public and made it that many are those who fears and don't want to become farmers in future but wants to seek for white colored jobs internally or internationally.
"Farming is one of the oldest job which have help most of our people in the communities where we leave, without farmers, we cannot sustain" he adds. In an interview with some of the learners, they showed appreciation to this occasion and asked for more in subsequent years.
"I want this to happen every year and even all the schools in Ghana should learn from this" the primary head of department Mr. Nortey Joseph, said. Below are images of the occasion.

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