Little big souls donate premature incubator to Tarkwa municipal hospital

Madam Uyovbukerhi again, have donated premature incubator machine and other items to the Tarkwa municipal hospital. Little Big Souls, is a charity Organization recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), that works to improve outcomes for premature babies in five African countries namely: Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Guinea and Zimbabwe.
In an interview with the media, the Co-Founder of Little Big Souls, Madam Edith Uyovbukerhi narrated that, she came across Monica at Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital where she has given birth to twins who are boys but, was detained because she could not paid the bills after being discharged.
She disclosed that, as part of Little Big Soul’s plan to renovate the Kangaroo Mother care center of the hospital, they have had talks with the hospital authorities to conclude on the commencement and completed date.
Madam Uyovbukerhi was an expectant mother on holiday in 2003’s Ghana when she suddenly had to deliver her third child. Tejie, who was born premature (weeks before the usual nine months gestation) lived only three weeks before passing away. Uyovbukerhi describes the death as “truly avoidable, if there had been extra resources”. The hospital she’d chosen didn’t have enough nursing staff in its maternity ward to ensure proper care for all the babies.
As her answer to doing something in her child’s name to bring hope and life to others, Uyovbukerhi and her lawyer sister Chief Mrs. Yvonne-frances Igweh founded LittleBigSouls, a charity recognised by the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) that works to improve outcomes for premature babies in five African countries: Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Guinea and Zimbabwe.
Prematurity is the leading cause of death in children under age five with about 1 million babies – more than one in every ten – dying every year.
Receiving the incubators on behalf of the hospital, the Medical Superintendent, Dr. Fredrick Sarpong thanked Little Big Souls for the kind gesture. Explaining that, “we have been campaigning for a long time for stakeholders and industry players to get us incubators to ensure wellbeing of these pre-mature babies brought to the facility”. Though the hospital has seven incubators, only three is currently working, he revealed. Dr. Fredrick Sarpong used the occasion to appeal to other organisations to come to their aid as Little Big Souls has done for they are burden with a lot of cases. you can also help Little Big Souls to help the needy on It’s

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