First Atlantic Asset Management, the investment wing of First Atlantic Bank, has launched its maiden fixed income fund to help Ghanaians better maximize their short to medium term funds whiles preserving their capital.
The First Atlantic Income Fund is an open-ended fund that would invest primarily in a broad range of high quality money market and fixed income securities including Government of Ghana bonds, corporate bonds, bank fixed deposits and bankers' acceptance. The objective of the fund is to provide maximum current income that is consistent with maintaining liquidity and preserving capital by investing in a diversified portfolio of money market and fixed income instruments.
The fund is seeking to raise a minimum amount of Two Hundred Thousand Ghana cedis (GHS 200,0000.00) during its initial public offering period which commenced on Monday, March 21s 2022 and ends on Monday, April 11, 2022. The minimum amount needed to invest in the fund is GHS 50.00 and a subsequent contribution of GHS 20.00 or more. The fund being open -ended would give investors the opportunity to invest into the fund at any given time and also redeem their funds whenever the need be.
The general manager of First Atlantic Asset Management, Mr. Prince Atsianu stated that the experience the company has garnered over the years in wealth management, would be tapped into to create more wealth for investors. He outlined some of the benefits of investing in the fund which includes diversification of funds across broad range of asset classes to minimize the risk to investors, enjoying the professional fund management expertise of the fund manager liquidity, flexibility and easy accessibility by paying through all branches of First Atlantic Bank nationwide, FAAM mobile App, standing order, direct debit and direct payment at the office of the fund manager.
He added that the fund is opened to the investing public and not limited to individuals, schools, corporate bodies, churches, endowment funds and welfare funds. Mr. Atsianu advised the investing public to secure their financial future by investing in the fixed income fund. He also assured investors on the safety of their funds as 80% of the funds would be invested in Government of Ghana securities. For investors to optimize the returns on their investments, he recommended that they consistently invest into the fund for a longer period of time.
For subscription of shares in the First Atlantic Income Fund, investors could visit any branch of First Atlantic Bank nationwide to duly complete an application form and make their initial deposit or they could also visit the office of the fund manager, First Atlantic Asset Management at North ridge. Investors can also reach the fund manager on 0501419088 for any further explanations. Thank you.

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