Theme: "Fostering Innovative Models Of Active Citizenship For Inclusive & Sustainable Development In Ghana"
1. Introduction STAR Ghana Foundation is a national centre for active citizenship and philanthropy. It works to strengthen civil society and facilitate inclusive citizens' engagements with the state and other duty-bearers for accountable, transparent, and responsive governance at both local and national levels. The Foundation's overall strategic approach is anchored on the 3Cs&L (Convening, Catalysing, Coordinating and Learning) approach, designed to support the creation, utilisation, and institutionalisation of spaces for collective and coordinated civil society engagement and actions for sustainable and inclusive development.
Active citizenship is at the heart of the Foundation's work, its promotion, strengthening and institutionalisation as a tool for inclusive sustainable local and national development. It has since its inception in 2018 focused its active citizenship work around awareness raising and testing models of local philanthropy that engender and support active citizenship. Based on the learning from these activities, the Foundation has developed a strategy to guide its active citizenship work for the period 2022 to 2027.
2. Active Citizenship Strategy Active citizens, engaged responsible citizens, are not only crucial, but a prerequisite for the attainment of an inclusive and developed Ghana- that makes the promise of Freedom and Justice, our motto, a lived reality for all Ghanaians. STAR-Ghana Foundation continues to explore and invest in proactive efforts to foster informed, vibrant, and engaged citizenry who effectively demand and contribute to an equitable, inclusive and just society. This strategy attempts to capture a broad view of the state of active citizenship in Ghana today, and the plethora of civic activities in the space. It identifies, assesses, and categorizes the various manifestations of active citizenship and offers an opportunity for a holistic landscape to foster inclusion and collaboration between the various actors. The report further identifies and highlights exemplary active citizenship efforts for potential amplification for greater impact, as well as creative practical ways to support active citizens to be more effective. It concludes with concrete recommendations to help foster an enabling environment for active citizenship and volunteering that promotes inclusive and sustainable development for Ghana.
Some exemplary active citizens, who played exceptional roles in the context and important citizenry movements assessed during this process, are recommended to be profiled to both document their approaches, actions and impact, and to inspire a new generation of vibrant citizenship. The report affirms the widely held perception that active citizenship has been in decline in Ghana in recent times. It recommends some actions to increase citizens interest in the development of their societies and Ghana at large. Objective: To launch STAR-Ghana Foundation's Active Citizenship Strategy

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