The Aspiring National CHAIRMAN, *Hon. Stephen Asamoah Boateng* a.k.a *ASABEE* took his tour to the six (6) constituencies in the Ahafo Region. His entry into the region was met with euphoric reactions from grassroot members who see him as the grassroot Commander! The one time Local Government & Information Minister began his tour on Sunday, 5th June 2022, from the Asunafo North constituency. At Goaso, Hon. Asabee met delegates from both Asunafo North & Asunafo South constituencies to espouse his 7 points agenda for party. NPP wants to make history by breaking the eight (8). In view of that, He said the National Annual delegates conference to be held in Accra in July 2022, is going to be a defining moment in the political history of the party. He said NPP is faced with binary options: 1. To elect a National Chairman who will change the statusquo for the party to break the eight (8). 2. Or elect an armchair Chairman who will come and replay the 2008 political drama which sent NPP into opposition. ⚫ Top on his 7 points agenda is *UNITY.* He reminded delegates of the popular quote in the Bible which says "a house divided against itself can never stand." He said NPP lost the 2008 elections because of disunity. To break the eight(8) therefore requires a unifier, a political magnet around whom every party member can gravitate towards. He Asamoah Boateng is the epitome of a unifier which NPP yearns for. ⚫The former tourism minister re-echoed the popular *60/40 plan* and this was received with thunderous applause from delegates. Being the grassroot General himself, Hon Asabee said the voice of the rank & file of the party will form an essential pillar of his administration. He will therefore ensure that 40% of government's appointment go to the party people. His campaign has been largely anchored on empowering those at the bottom of the party pyramid who always bear the brunt of opposition attacks. He was worried about the raw deal which party faithfuls receive during government recruitment. He promised to reverse the trend which if not checked, may bring apathy going into 2024 elections. ⚫ *Resourcing the party on timely basis.* Hon Asabee reiterated the need for party in power which is going into succession elections to have the requisite *logistics* for the task ahead. Being the immediate past director of State Interest and Governance Authority (SIGA), he is well connected to the CEOs and owners of capital in the country. He therefore demonstrated to delegates on how to source resources to propel the party to crossover the 2024 hurdle. ⚫The former MP for Mfantseman also touched on the need to redefine with clarity, *the roles of the elective vice positions* of the party. ⚫ *Welfare of party members* also featured prominently on his campaign agenda. He said, party people who suffer in their line of duties will not be left to their fate. Hon Asabee recalls the deaths and mistreatments our party members suffered at the hands of NDC in places like Sankore, Mim and Hwidiem. Ironically, these NDC hudlums who perpetrated such heinous acts are the very people who still control the Ahafo forest resources. Hon. Asabee who came with fire in his belly, bemoaned why NPP people should be orphans in their own government. He promised to turn the short end of the stick being held by party people. ⚫ *Resourcing the Communication wing.* Being a former information minister, Hon Asabee is very much aware of the instrumental role the communication team plays for the party. He said the importance of the communication wing cannot be overemphasized. He assured delegates that, the communication teams in the various constituencies will be adequately resourced to trumpet the good works of the government and to also water down the vile propaganda being thrown around by the NDC.

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