GA Wolomor Celebrates Father's Day With Faith Evangelical Mission Worldwide Sunday School Service

Nuumo Kofi Okassa Diaka II Wolomor Ga Asere Traditional Area, ABESSE joined the Sunday school service of the Faith Evangelical Mission Worldwide -Accra Central, Akoto Lantey to celebrate this year's Father's Day. Nuumo Kofi Okassa Diaka II who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Nuumo Okassa Foundation said, the gesture is to give back to the community by celebrating the day with the children. "As we celebrate the 2022 father’s day, it is imperative to note that, it is a day to celebrate the man whose influence in our individual lives cannot be measured. This man doesn't have to be your biological father, it could be a man you perceive as a father figure or mentor in your life. I chose to mark this august occasion with these kids whom I believe are also my children; especially to those that don't have fatherly love, I want them to feel that they have a father despite being abandoned by their fathers. I believe in giving back to the community that is why im here today", he explained. He said the foundation has embarked on several charity works and will continue to do more to help the less privileged in the society. *ABOUT FATHER's DAY* History has it that, the concept of Father’s Day traces its origin to American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart’s daughter Sonora who lived in Spokane, Washington. Sonora’s mother died while giving birth to her sixth child after which Sonora raised her elder brothers along with her father. During this time, she felt that a father’s role also needed recognition when she was listening to a sermon in a church about Mother’s Day, which was just recognised. She went to the Spokane Ministerial Alliance and asked them to recognise Smart’s birthday, 5 June, as Father’s Day to honour the fathers all around the world. However, they later decided to celebrate the third Sunday of the month as Father’s Day. In 1966, US President Lyndon B Johnson signed a presidential proclamation that officially declared the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. On this day, children acknowledge and appreciate the roles played by their fathers and father figures who are an integral part of their lives. The day emphasises the role of a father in their children’s lives and acknowledges the contribution of fathers to society and their respective families. The day is celebrated internationally around the 3rd Sunday in the month of June. For the year 2022, it falls on Sunday19 June 2022.  Emphasising the role of a father in their children’s lives and acknowledging the contribution of fathers to society and their respective families, he said fathers are very important and contribute a lot to their children's success in life. Nuumo Kofi Okassa Diaka II commended fathers who toiled every day to put food on the table and provide for the upkeep of the family, and urged women to honour, appreciate and respect their husbands; urging irresponsible fathers to change from being irresponsible to responsible.  Mama charity, the headmistress of Faith Evangelical Mission Worldwide -Accra Central, Akoto Lantey Sunday school lauded Nuumo Okassa Diaka II for the gesture and prayed for God to bless him. Mama Charity sized the opportunity to call on other philanthropy organisations to reach out to the needy in the community.

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