King Ayi Tunnmaa II, Chief of Defense of GA state, has established a GA-Dangme Land secretariat, at Tse Addo , a suburb in Accra.

The aim of the institution is to register all Greater Accra lands to ensure that each parcel of land, is efficiently sold, and distributed by allodial owners to buyers.

Speaking in a press briefing in Accra, King Ayi Tunnmaa II, who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer, of the GA Lands, made reference to the New Land Act,2020, section 14-18, Land Administration and Land Management, Customary Land Management that the Act Mandates Traditional Authorities to establish and own Customary Land Administration Secretariats (LASs).

King Ayi Tunnmaa II  

He assured that the Act, that provides for all matters relating to land acquisitions, conflicts and disputes will be handled by the Secretariat before any action can be instituted at the court.

The GA Leader, noted that over the years, people have taken GA-Lands for granted, thereby looting and stealing GA Lands within the Greater Accra Region.

King Ayi Tunnmaa II, warned that any person who attempts to use a wrongful means to acquire GA Lands will be tracked and prosecuted according to the Laws of the Land.

He added that one of the office goals is to unite the GA-Dangme community for a united front to prevent what he called; “outsiders from stealing their lands”.

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