King Ayi Tunnmaa II, Chief of Defense of GA state, has warned the general public to stay away from GA-Dangme Lands.

Speaking at a press conference, at the GA-Dangme Land Secretariat, he reiterated the importance of protecting GA Lands from the stealing by Estate Developers, Public Security Agencies, and the related Government Institutions that are aiding and abetting what he called, “the unfortunate loot and share of Ga Lands”.

King Ayi Tunnmaa II

He observed that the generational robbery of Ga Lands by National Looters, and Estate Developers aided by land guards has troubled the land ownership system in Accra, which no doubt benefited land looters.

Adding that the establishment of the GA-Dangme Land secretariat, in Accra to oversee the acquisition of Ga lands within the Greater Accra Region will ensure that all fraudulent deals pertaining to acquisition of lands would, and must be stopped, he fumed.

He stated that the secretariat would work with the hierarchy of the Land Commission, to ensure openness and transparency, so the good people of Ga-Dangme, are no more belittled and deceived for what the GDLA boss described as “the God’s gift of Ga lands”.

He revealed that the Secretariats has appointed professionals at strategic locations in Greater Accra Region to oversee the lands and make reports for effectiveness and efficiency.

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