Right To Play began working in Ghana in 2001 to support health and well-being activities, specifically vaccination campaigns. Since then, they're programs have expanded to address quality education, gender equality, and child protection needs across the country. In collaboration with The LEGO Foundation, through they're Partners in Play program, they will reach 3 million children and youth, as well as 75,000 educators by 2023. Some Journalists from selected regions in Ghana have been schooled on the need to inculcate Play into teaching and learning in classrooms for basic school pupils.
The training is to enlighten the Journalists on the importance of teachers add Play to their teaching methodology which will make learning easier and entertaining. The training which was a one day workshop for the Journalists from the Volta Region and Greater Accra was organized by the Right To Play (RTP) Ghana. RTP has some of its programs that involves training of teachers to add Play into teaching practice in some selected districts in the country which is yielding exams results and improving school attendance.
Speaking to the media, the Education Specislist for Right To Play Ghana, Mr Kwabena Gaho said, they believe the media plays important role in helping boost the need for Play base learning in classrooms which he says will FastTrack learning by pupils. He added that, they are constantly engaging the Education Ministry and Ghana Education Service to help add Play to teaching and learning do that all schools in Ghana can benefit from it.
Mr. Austin Kwabena Brako, Communication Specialist for Right To Play in an interview with the media he said that journalists play a key role when it comes to educating the public. According to him, Right To Play is an organization that believe that children are more active in class or learning when you teach them with playing and that method is better than when a teacher organises mental and the children are scared to even answer questions. He said that, they operate in 7 districts even though they operate in all 57 districts, 7 is direct and the rest are indirect so they train teachers in how to teach the children through playing and that has changed the children's style of studying. Mr. Austin said that, they training the children in such a way that, they would see their teachers as their friends and would be be bold to speak with them in a respectful way. He also said they would build the capacity of journalists in other to understand how to use playbase to teach children. STORY BY Daniel Mensah

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