By Daniel Mensah. Lighting up firewood is a rituals that we perform to start the Odwira festival every year, the whole festival can't be successful done without Lighting up the firewood (Gyaso). We do this every year to start our Odwira festival in other to cook with the fire and feed the stool and entire family said by the chief of Aburi. NANA OTUBOOR DJAN KWESI II listed the program line up for the Odwira festival and which he satad that, Monday which is 3rd October is the opening ceremony for the festival which thay light up firewood (gyaso). Tuesday 4th October is the day that they will bring (Oto) which is mushed yam with palm oil from Nsakyire town to the Palace to feed the gods. Also every family houses and the chief together will put on black to morn the dead once. On Wednesday NANA OTUBOOR DJAN KWESI II and the entire family houses and the people of Aburi will visit all the rivers in town and feed them. 6th October which is Thursday is the day that the whole of Aburi traditional council will come together and eat, they do that to bring togetherness and unity among themselves. On the 7th day of October which happens to be Friday will be a resting day for the chief and his elders. But NANA OTUBOOR DJAN KWESI II asked his sub Chiefs to come and pay him visist to in the Palace which is some of the rules and regulations in they're history of Aburi festival. Saturday on the 8th of October will be that funeral rite of the late NANA TOAH DJAN II, ( Pokrom Nsabaahene and Adonten - Akwamuhene of Akuapem ). Saturday is suppose to be the grand durbar for the odwira festival but due to the funeral rite of the Late NANA TOAH DJAN II, Saturday would be used to perform the funeral rites instead. So because of that there will not be any grand durbar for this year Odwira festival. Sunday which is 9th October will be they're church thanks given ceremony and after that rest of the activities will be follow in that evening. The whole festival supposed to be done on Sunday after the church thanks given service but I have add two more days to finish everything, which is Monday and Tuesday to sit with the elders and all the sub chiefs to clear everything said by NANA OTUBOOR DJAN KWESI II. But the main reason for the program yesterday which is 3rd October is to perform the rituals for the opening ceremony for the Odwira festival, which happens to be the (gyaso) lighting up the firewood.

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