By Daniel Mensah. Srabanasi is a family house of the kontehene at Aburi in the Eastern region. People of Aburi and its all family houses come together every year to celebrate Odwira which happens to be one of the biggest festivals in Ghana from every September to October to remember they're ancestors.
An interview with NANA ADU OJOBI who is the chief of staff (Adehyene) to the mankrado or the kontehene NANA OKAE KOFI II for Srabanasi in the Aburi district, and he stated that every beginning of they're festival they cook for the elders and the entire family to eat just to bring back memories and also togetherness among themselves. they do that to remember they're ancestors, because they're believe is that anytime they cook and eat they eat with they're ancestors and those who are dead and gone. so cooking every year on that periods is the symbolic of the beginning of they're festival.
this occurred on the Thursday 29th September 2022 at the family house of the kontehene ( Srabanasi), he also stated that the festival cannot be successful without this retrials performed. he also edged the youth expecially the citizens which normally don't stay in the town that, they should come back home every festive time and so they can learn more about they're cultural practices and the history about the festival, for them to take over in the future.
NANA ADU OJOBI advise the youth to respect or obey the elders through every training or teachings that given to them, because every family houses has they're rules and regulations. he also listed some of the things that the youth can learn and some are, drum playing, retrials performing, and many more. He also gave a historical brief about (Srabanasi), and which he explained that Srabanasi means a camp of soldiers. which he said in the olden days they're ancestors that forth for them used to camp or gather themselves there, which they have today as a family house called (Srabanasi) activities we visist our river side to clean there for the retrials to ask our ancestors for a clean and very successful festival and also clean our community, do health walk and so many activities will be done said by NANA ADU OJOBI. So he concluded everything by saying we cook and feed our stool and the entire family and friends just to start the Odwira festival. His final statement which he edged each and everyone to come in they're numbers to celebrate the Odwira festival with them.

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