Mr. Alhassan Abdallah Musah praised for promoting Africa-South America business relations.

Mr. Alhassan Abdallah Musah is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur . Mr. Musah's efforts contributed to the economic growth of both Africa and South America. In 2013, he won peace and democracy award in Ghana. Mr. Musa's efforts contributed to the economic growth of both Africa and South America. 
Alhassan Abdallah Musah

Well known as an expert in trade and investments. He also encouraged African countries to trade with each other and also explore the South American business potential. He made this note during a business forum in Mexico . 

Mr. Alhassan’s business promotions with the  ‘theme invest in Africa and South America ’ has led to a significant increase in trade between Africa and South American nations. His contributions to African-South American trade relations are commendable. 

This led to an increase in trade between both regions, which has been considered beneficial in both areas of economy. Given that most businesses are now aware of the potential for lucrative sales among both regions, there has been a definite rise in cross-border business interactions between Africa and South America. 

Mr Abdallah Musah's efforts contributed significantly to trade relations between Africa and South America. He promoted African-South American unity and encouraged people from both regions to engage in economic growth on an international scale. 

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