GhScientific is an international  science communication organisation working to build capacity in STEM through outreach and public engagement activities. They work with community groups, schools, universities, STEM professionals and organisation to build capacity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through public engagement and outreach activities. The Ghana science Association together with think Ghana and other organisation,organised a science bootcamp at the Centre for scientific research institute on the 2nd November 2022 at
Professor Aba Andam in an interview with the media said that, this bootcamp was to differentiate between research and policy makers. She said that, this was to help researchers communicate well with policy makers so that policymakers would use the results of the research to develop the country. We know that scientists are sometimes sceptical about the intentions of policymakers and in the same vein, We can use one definition to show policy as a plan a course of action or a set of regulations which have been adopted and at the pinnacle is government. But we also have businesses and other institutions. For example, the universities and research agencies. We have financial agencies and these will all at some point, the sight on what is termed a policy or a plan of action, said by Professor madam Aba Andam.
She continued to say that, at end of the lectures policymakers would be able to help provide more money for researchers because research needs a lot of money so because funding is approved by policy makers, funding would be provided for researchers.
Dr. Michael Osai President of Ghana science Associations also said that, this lecture was to help scientists to put what ever they have learnt into practice to help the growth of the country. According to him, they got a lot result from their research because science cuts across because scientists also investigate in problems like the galamsey and its effect on waterbodies and how they can help. STORY BY: Daniel Mensah.

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